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Originally delivered on 4/23/2020 3:04 pm

HOA April Newsletter - Gardening Updates & More!


Do You Need Help or Information During Covid-19?


If you need help let us know.  We will try to link you with resources

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Environmental Interest Group News

The Little Seed Library

The Rauschmayer Family and the EFC Environmental Interest Group are excited to announce the opening of “The Little Seed Library”!  Free to the public, the library is a great way to build your own garden!


Family Fun

Growing your own food is not just a way to ensure food security and better health, but is also a wonderful activity for the entire family!


Follow Sanitary Measures

Seasonably appropriate seeds can be picked up or dropped off at 7304 Swanson Drive.

*PLEASE NOTE:  there are clear guidelines listed on the library regarding sanitary measures.  All residents are required to use provided hand sanitizer before and after touching anything

Tomato & Pepper Plant Giveaway with John Caldwell


25+ households came to the plant give-away Saturday morning, March 28th. 


One Family at a Time!

In the rain, families stocked up using social distancing and didn't let the rain deter them.  Over 200 tomato and pepper plants were given away.  Good luck with gardening!



John has a large compost pile and 2 HOA members already bring him their apple cores, banana peels, etc. (no animal products).  If you can collect your vegetable waste in a bucket, put them in his driveway and he will return your empty bucket.  His email is

Please Inspect Your Roses For Rose Rosette Virus


Neighbors, if you have roses in your yard, please do your community a favor and inspect them closely for a virus called Rose Rosette. It is usually easy to detect in the spring because the symptoms are most apparent in new growth. When you see new growth that is misshapen, wrinkled or in what is called a "witch's broom" then you have Rose Rosette.  Unfortunately the roses need to be taken out completely so that we can eliminate this virus and stop its spread (via microscopic mites) to roses that are still healthy.


Click here for information from Collin County Rose Society and Texas A&M Agrilife Extension. If you have additional questions, you may email me at

Many of us look forward to the day when we can grow our beautiful roses again without this disease still rampant in our area so we need everyone's help.

Thank you.

Kristen Kerwin, Beautification/Landscape 

Tie White to Show Support for Health Care Workers

WFAA is encouraging people to tie a white ribbon or bow outside their home to express their solidarity for local health care workers.



If you don't have ribbon you can use anything white like an old sheet,  t-shirt, towel or even a garbage bag.  Want to post to social media?  Use #WhiteRibbonRally, #HealthcareHeroes and #WFAA.


Here are just a few found around our neighborhood! 

Member Thank You Event - Postponed


We hope to reschedule this event with the on-site shredding truck and refreshments later this year!

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