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Originally delivered on 6/28/2020 9:24 pm

SUBJECT: Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July


The HOA Board wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July!!

Celebrate safely



Plano's All American 4th

The City of Plano will have a fireworks display for the July 4th Independence Day holiday. The fireworks will launch from the Lavon Farms near the Plano Event Center, which is located at higher ground from where the display is usually launched at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve. 

The pyrotechnics will be shot off at a higher altitude. Usually, fireworks explode at 300 to 500 feet. This year, they will be set off at 500 to 600 feet. That should allow them to be seen from farther away. There will be ample viewing options. City is "encouraging people to view the fireworks from their own homes, vehicles or neighborhoods."


Plano's All American 4th


Check Plano Arts & Event Facebook page for up-to-date info on activities and weather.

Due to the circumstances, Plano is only presenting a fireworks show with no vendors, activities, etc. The display will be set to music on radio station KLAK 97.5

A Lavon Farms and Lucky Layla partnership makes the fireworks display possible.

Season's Best Award - Spring

The Spring Season's Best landscape award has been given to Shernaz and Jayant Mohanty at 7505 Breakers Lane.

The EFCHOA board wants to express our thanks for all their efforts to make our neighborhood attractive!

The Summer award will be given around the beginning of August.

All EFCHOA-member residences can be considered and nominations are welcome by email to


This landscape has new stone/brick edging for the front beds which solved an erosion problem and allowed for renewed St Augustine turf.



The landscape is lovely combination of perennials (Stella D'Oro daylilies, Columbine, Hosta, Heuchera, Autumn fern), annuals (Scarlet "whopper" begonias and caladiums) and two stunning Japanese maples underneath a beautiful Red Oak tree.


In addition, the Mohanty's beautified and upgraded the plantings around an electrical box that straddles their yard and the neighbor's.

HOA Memberships Down Due to Covid-19


Kathie Kankel, Membership Director, reports HOA memberships are down overall due to Covid-19.  She says "Prior to Covid-19 we were on track to have our highest number of members we've had in the last 5 years.  Since Covid-19, we've only had a few residents join the HOA each month."

Eliminating houses for sale, we have about 40 residents who traditionally join the HOA who have not joined yet this year.  Kathie says, "We understand the situation with Covid-19 is probably preventing some people from being able to pay dues.  We hope if someone just forgot to pay their dues, they will still do so.  If 35 more residents join, then we could still have had a record number of memberships this year!"

It is not too late!!

If you need to pay, it is fast and easy to pay online or if you prefer you can download a Member Information Form and pay by check.  Mail to PO Box at bottom of this email or place in drop box at 7400 Swanson Drive (Kathie Kankel's house)

To pay online - Log on to your Account on our website at and pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal


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