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Originally delivered on 2/3/2022 2:23 pm

SUBJECT: Why Join the HOA in 2022?

February 2022

Why HOA Membership is Important

Hello Neighbors!  My name is Lisa Kittrell and I am your new Membership Director.  I have lived in Estates of Forest Creek for 22 years and am so very proud of our neighborhood.  The reason I wanted to get involved in our board is because like many of you, I had concerns several years ago about how our funds were being used. I honestly did not pay my dues for a few years. But I have seen the good work the HOA has done and this motivated me to pay my dues and get involved.  I fully respect the integrity and commitment of our entire HOA board and personally know our current president and vice president, Kathie Kankel and Brian DeLuca.

So with that said, please know your hard-earned money is put to good use in the following ways.

  • A neighborhood beautification program for our common area landscaping at our two Coit entrances and along the Hearst Castle median.  This not only makes our neighborhood more aesthetically pleasing but also maintains the value of your property. 
  • Fun holiday decorations throughout our common areas
  • Season's Best Award four times a year for outstanding lawns/holiday decorations.
  • Focus on safety with our Crime Watch Coordinator who is our link to the police
  • It is also so important to feel like your neighborhood is connected, so the HOA puts together social activities a few times a year so we can all get to know each other and have fun.  These last few years have been tough due to Covid but we are planning to have at least one, maybe two outdoor safe activities for the whole family this year.

Our dues of $150 is one of the lowest in the area and for all of the reasons above makes it a worthwhile investment for your family and home.  I've asked a few Board Members to highlight some of our past accomplishments and planned 2022 initiatives.  So please, let's join together to make Estates of Forest Creek even a more beautiful, safe and fun neighborhood to live and thrive in 2022!  

You can pay online through the EFCHOA website, use the button below or  leave a check in the drop box on my porch at 7313 White Castle Lane.  Any questions regarding membership please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Thank you!

Lisa Kittrell, Membership Director

Click Here to Log In & Pay Dues Online
HOA Board Initiatives

We are continuously refreshing our landscaping. In 2020 we added the blue pots by the bridge.  Last year the HOA replaced the crumbling landscape stones at the Hearst Castle and Hogan Manor entrances. We also provided information about winter storm impact on landscaping.

Our goal in 2022 is to ensure that we have attractive, seasonal annuals at both entrances and in the pots at the bridge. We will be revitalizing the Hogan Manor entrance plants and irrigation system, and we are still trying to solve the soil erosion under the trees in the 3700 block of Hearst Castle where we haven't been able to get anything to grow.

Kristen Kerwin, Beautification Director


As Infrastructure Coordinator, twice a week I check and make repairs on our one mile irrigation system (500 heads) to keep our water bill down.  After construction done by City of Plano contractors, I inspected our irrigation system for damage and coordinated repairs and reimbursement for the cost of water from damaged lines. During the winter storm last year, I was available to assist any EFC resident who needed help turning their water off at the main and helped six residents!

John Caldwell, Infrastructure Coordinator

Crime Watch

Your HOA is concerned about safety and works with Plano Police reporting Crime Watch notifications to you through the CRIME WATCH links on our website. At the request of residents last year, we conducted a traffic study along Hearst Castle with Plano Police and shared those results with you. We hosted a presentation by one of our residents on sudden cardiac arrest and a their goal to map AED locations in the city.

We encourage interested residents to enroll in one or more of the many safety programs offered by the City of Plano. Please let us know if you attend one of them because this will help us when we apply later this year for another BEST NEIGHBORHOOD designation from the city.

  • Free property safety assessment by Crime Prevention Unit officers
  • CARE program - helps ensure the well being of homebound and/or elderly Plano residents through a daily phone call.
  • Citizens Police Academy or Youth Police Academy - multi week education program about the operations of the Plano Police Department
  • Community Camera Program - register you private surveillance camera system to assist police if needed in investigating a criminal incident.
  • Take Me Home program - service for any Plano resident who may have trouble communicating and is aimed at individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, developmental or cognitive disabilities or those who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer's.

In 2022 we will be hosting 1 or 2 safety presentations for our residents. Look for the dates in upcoming newsletters and on our website under Upcoming Events

Thomas Moden, Crime Watch Coordinator


Write this down... Sunday, June 12 Spring Social Event!  I am recruiting committee members to help plan this fun Family event.  Email me to sign up!  My family and I moved to Estates of Forest Creek in 2020 so I'm new and I'd love to meet you and work with you.

Jason Alber, Social Chairperson

Government Affairs

Government Affairs is a liaison between the HOA with City of Plano.  We communicate information from the City to residents and advocate with the city for our HOA's needs.  The Community Information tab on our HOA website contains links to City of Plano information like what days to water for your address, Fix It Plano, Schools and who to call with Neighborhood Concerns.

HOA Newsletters highlight timely City information such as water bill credit from the winter storm, property tax exemption for winter storm damage, upcoming elections, Davis Library construction and more.

Last year, we worked with the city of Plano's arborist to remove two unhealthy trees along Pennsbury Lane and replace them with new ones. We added our voice to residents who reported the repair needed at the Hearst Castle Bridge and made sure our city contacts were aware of the need to make this repair a priority.

Sunil Thadani, Government Affairs

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