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Originally delivered on 7/28/2022 11:53 am

SUBJECT: Message from the President, Social Pictures

July 28, 2022

Message from the President

Our HOA Board's ability to beautify and advocate for The Estates of Forest Creek is directly dependent on our residents level of financial support and volunteer time. Every Estates of Forest Creek's homeowner's support is important - either financially or through your time as a volunteer.

Some of you may be thinking why should I join the HOA? This is a picture of what our Hearst Castle median and entrances would look like if the HOA wasn't here to maintain it and it was left up to the City of Plano. The City of Plano's Park Compliance Supervisor recently told us the following in an email when we requested help repairing an irrigation controller they had installed years ago. "It is our standard practice with over 450 acres of maintenance areas, we do not have turf irrigation on the medians or right-of-ways. As the temperature rises the grass will go dormant in our medians. Once we get into the early Fall and get some precipitation it will come out of dormancy."

I urge you to protect your property's value by keeping the HOA financially strong by paying your dues each and every year. If you are one of the 227 residents who have already paid your HOA this year, THANK YOU!!  If you haven't done so yet. . . please join TODAY.  

Pay online using the button below or CLICK HERE for a printable Member Information Form to include with your dues check.

Thank you for your support!

Kathie Kankel, President Estates of Forest Creek HOA

Click Here to Log In & Pay Dues Online
Did We Miss You?

Everyone who requested a 2022 sticker or HOA sign and paid before July 25th should have received their sign or had the sticker placed on their sign. If we missed you by accident, we apologize. Please let us know at

Thank you for your support!

Summer Social for all EFC Residents

Over 125 Estates of Forest Creek neighbors braved the searing heat at this year's summer social, which was held on Sunday June 12th at Breakers Lane Cul-de-Sac. Guests enjoyed dinner provided by Wild West Tex Mex Food Truck and an abundant selection of delicious sweets brought by neighbors. Plano Fire and Rescue brought their truck and talked to guests about summer and pool safety, including how to use their free "I AM THE WATER WATCHER" tags to prevent drowning. While the heat limited the games and line dancing, the water balloons were a big hit with the younger crowd.

If you know these neighbors, please thank them for their help in making the social possible! We could not have done it without their help.

  • Jason Alber and the Alber family for supplying the electricity for the DJ, getting the Plano party trailer, securing the block party permit, setting up  the tables, and providing the pop up tent for the DJ.
  • The Harabis family for finding the DJ and signing in guests.
  • The McKinney family for providing and setting up the water misting fans and signing in guests.
  • The Porter family for the Pop Up Tent over the dessert table.
  • Those who helped deliver flyers to all our 436 residents: the Abernathy family, Becky Bird, the Bankhead family, Cindy Mauch, Denise Dengler, the Gary family, Jennifer Johnson, Kathie Kankel, Kathy Czekaj, Lynda Richardson, Nancy Hahn, the Porter family, Skyler McKinley, and the Zhan family.
Prevent Drowning

WATER WATCHER TAGS for our residents to help prevent drowning, courtesy of Plano Fire Department.

Water Watcher Tag

If you want one, pick up from drop box on porch at 7400 Swanson Dr.

Click Here For More Social Pictures
Did You Leave a Plate at the Social?

Please contact Kathie at or Kathy at to claim you plate is either on of these is yours. Plates not claimed by August 30th may be discarded.

Summer Program Safety Series with Officer Chris Bianez

August 2nd at 6:00 PM
David Library - Program Room

Personal Safety for College-Bound Students

Learn how to ...

  • Increase your situational awareness
  • Protect yourself and your property while away at college
  • Greatly reduce the chance of being a crime victim

August 16th at 6:00 PM
David Library - Program Room
Personal Safety

Learn how to ...

  • To avoid dangerous situations
  • To tell if a person is safe or dangerous
  • Criminals select their targets and how not to fit that victim profile
Goodbye and Good Luck Sunil Thadani

We are disappointed to say goodby to Sunil Thadani from the Board as his family moves out of the Estates of Forest Creek. Sunil served as our Government Affairs committee of one for the past two years. Sunil has been a great help to everyone on the Board. He built contacts within the City of Plano that enabled him to answer resident questions, advocate to get the repair of the Hearst Castle bridge moved up the list, and help  Board Members solve City of Plano issues.

Here is what Sunil had to say about his experience on the HOA Board.

"Volunteering and being on the HOA really felt like being part of the community. The board members are really kind, welcoming, cooperative and fun to work with. You can put in as much or as little as just a few hours a month of your time. Over the months and years your effort adds up and makes a meaningful impact directly where you live."    Sunil

If you would like to advocate for your neighborhood, working in Government Affairs on the HOA Board is a great place to do that! Contact for more information.

Slow Down! Back to School August 10th

Wednesday, August 10th is the first day of school for Plano ISD students. Please keep our children safe by being on high alert for children walking and riding bikes to school and be aware of school zone active hours.

  • Mathews Elementary School hours: 7:40 AM - 2:45 PM
  • Middle School hours: 8:25 AM - 3:30 PM
  • High School and Senior High School hours: 9:00 AM - 4:15 PM
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