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Originally delivered on 11/22/2022 4:28 pm

SUBJECT: Happy Thanksgiving and HOA 2023 Board Elected

November 2022

Thank You For Your Generosity!

Dear Estates of Forest Creek neighbors,

You are truly remarkable!  You recently donated 290 pairs of socks for PISD's "Socks for the Sole" socks drive which will be shared with local organizations that assist individuals experiencing homelessness.   

This outpouring of caring is another example of the generous people who live among us!  As your HOA Board we work to beautify our neighborhood and bring neighbors together to build a sense of community, but it is all of you who make us blessed to call Estates of Forest Creek home!


The Estates of Forest Creek HOA Board

Annual Meeting and 2023 Board Elections

HOA Annual Meeting was held on November 1st on Zoom.  Sixteen residents and Board Members were in attendance. Kathie Kankel presented a summary of 2022 HOA accomplishments. Osha Porter reviewed the HOA's financials, including adjustments made to the original budget in order to cover unexpectedly high repair and water expenses. Bill France, from TX Neighborhood Coalition Plano, presented information on his group's concerns about Short Term Rentals and their efforts with the Plano City Council.

The 2023 HOA Board was elected by those in attendance. We are still in NEED of a Secretary for 2023. This position takes the minutes at our Board Meetings and sends some emails to residents. Click here to volunteer for SECRETARY!

2023 EFC HOA Board

President                             Kathie Kankel
Vice President                     Erica Tuscano
Treasurer                             Ron Harabis
Secretary                             OPEN
Director - Beautification     Kristen Kerwin   
Director - Hospitality          Ranneh Kayfan
Director - Membership       Lisa Kittrell

Interested in being a Committee Chair or part of a committee? Committee Chairs will be appointed by the Board in December. 

Click here for committee volunteer needs.

Missed The Annual HOA Meeting?

If you would like to watch a recording of the meeting, just log into your resident account and click the link on our website, under EVENTS. You don't have to be an HOA member to create a resident account. You just need to be a homeowner or live in Estates of Forest Creek.

Website Link to Annual Meeting Recording - Log Into Your Resident Account to View
2022 HOA Membership Drive
Thank You For Your Support!

As we get close to year end, I just want to thank everyone who has paid their dues for the 2022 year.

I am excited to say that through mailers and other marketing blitzes we were able to get many residents who have not paid dues in the past to join our wonderful HOA, as well as many new homeowners who recently moved here. We appreciate your confidence in the work we are doing. Great things are happening at the Estates of Forest Creek, but as we look ahead we still need more people to join to keep up with rising costs. 

Prices have gone up exponentially on things like water, electricity, gas, supplies, etc. and that has challenged our HOA budget this year. 

If you have not paid your dues yet and are able, please consider doing so.  

You can pay online or if you prefer to pay by check you can drop it off in my locked dropbox on my porch at 7313 White Castle Ln.

Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lisa Kittrell

Click Here to Log In & Pay Dues Online
Fall Into Fitness

Final Week to Rack up Minutes for Plano's BEST Neighborhoods Division Fall Into Fitness Challenge. Rack up minutes from November 1 to  November 30 by walking, jogging, dancing or any other movement.  The top neighborhood wins a prize!  While Whiffletree has claimed the Fittest Neighborhood prize the last two years, Estates of Forest Creek has had individual winners for Men and Women so if you registered, be sure to record your times for our Estates of Forest Creek neighborhood!

Beautification News
Season's Best Award - Fall

The Seasons Best award for Fall has been given to the Blickensderfer family at 3716 Gwinn Court. This festive fall landscape with mums, hay bales, pumpkins and seating says welcome fall and neighbors! Thank you to the Blickensderfer family for giving our neighborhood the gift of their beautiful landscape.

The Seasons Best award for Winter/Holiday will be in December. All HOA members are eligible and nominations are welcome.(

Kristen Kerwin, Beautification Director Estates of Forest Creek HOA

Understanding Your Water Bill

From the City of Plano

Friday, Dec. 2
Noon-1:30 pm

Learn how your water bill charges are calculated each month. Let the us walk you through the process. We'll share customer resources and empowering sustainable behaviors. Join us for transparent, useful information and fun.

Register for this free class
Don’t Let Holiday Food Harm Your Pet

Before your dog or cat slides across the floor to snatch a tasty holiday morsel, learn which foods hold the biggest dangers. A pet’s delicate digestive system is nothing to mess around with (pun intended).  

Here's a handy guide from the City of Plano.

  • Chocolate is toxic.  
  • Anything sweetened with xylitol can be poisonous.  
  • Keep unattended plates of food out of reach and secure the lids to your trash bin.  
  • Keep fatty or spicy food away from pets.  
  • Plain turkey is not toxic to dogs. When turkey has butter, herbs and spices, it can lead to pancreatitis.  
  • Ham and other pork products can be high in sodium and nitrites, which lead to vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and urination, lethargy and abnormal fluid accumulation.  
  • Dressing or stuffing made with onions, scallions or garlic can be extremely toxic to dogs and cats.  
  • Bones can cause severe indigestion, obstruct the bowel, or splinter and damage the intestines and stomach.  
  • Mashed potatoes with butter and milk can cause issues for lactose intolerant pets. Add garlic and the "taters" are toxic.  
  • Alcohol can kill your pet.  
  • Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in pets.  

If you cannot control what drops to the floor, put your pet in another room until the feasting and cleaning is over.

More Winter Pet Holiday Safety Tips from American Veterinary Medical Association
Recycle Your Holiday Lights

Before you toss your broken strings of Christmas tree lights, consider bringing them to a Community Recycling Event.

Electronics are collected at these events the first, second and third Saturdays of the month.

Never put string lights, hoses or power cords in your recycling cart.

Find a Community Recycling Event near you.
Protecting Your Holiday Lights

‘Tis the season for holiday lights! But it can be quite upsetting to look out your window to find your lights are no longer lighting up a cold winter night. It’s even worse to find that a blub or strand is out, or the wires are severed and beyond repair. The most likely culprit of the damage? Squirrels, mice and rabbits! 

Here’s some tips from the City of Plano on how you can prevent pesky critters from ruining your holiday lights.

Sprinkle Powdered Pepper
Get out your pepper shaker to deliver a light dusting to your holiday lights. This spicy dusting helps animals quickly realize your lights are not a tasty treat. Note, it is not recommended to spray lights with pepper spray as the liquid can cause other damage.

Place Powerful Scents Nearby
Scents like peppermint, citrus, citronella and mint often repel these small critters. Many of these scents can be found in common household items like the mouthwash in your bathroom cabinet or purchased at your local grocery store as an essential oil. Avoid directly applying any liquids to your lights, instead wet cotton balls and place them along the path of your lights. Be sure to pick up the cotton when you put away your holiday lights!

Make Your Yard Inhospitable
Set up motion sensor lights or an owl decoy to guard your holiday lights. This will scare off small critters and keep them from coming near your lights. 

Don’t Invite Them In
Make it so squirrels and other small critters don’t want to stay in your yard. This means removing food sources such as bird feeders and pet food. Also, remove ground covers like any brush. Squirrels love to burrow in these areas because they provide easy shelter from potential predators.

Watch video on why the City doesn't trap wildlife
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