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Originally delivered on 1/18/2023 12:23 pm

SUBJECT: President's Message Re: 2023 - January

January 2023

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HOA Board News
Message from the President

Happy New Year neighbors. As we start 2023, it is always helpful to reflect on our past year’s accomplishments as we look ahead to this year.

2021 and 2022 were challenging years for your HOA Board as we dealt with availability of contractors for services, supply issues, and inflation. Despite these challenges, here are some key things we did to help preserve and increase your Estates of Forest Creek property value by ensuring our community is a top Plano neighborhood.

  • In November, the City of Plano awarded Estates of Forest Creek a BEST NeighborhoodPlatinum designation (the top level). We received a score of 102 out of a possible 110 for being an exemplary Beautiful, Engaged, Safe and Thriving neighborhood based on the work of your HOA over the past 2 years. Our achievement will be recognized at the January 23rd City Council session at 7pm. All residents are invited to attend.
  • Replanted the overgrown beds at Hogan Manor entrance using hardy, low maintenance and drought tolerant plants.
  • Repaired the bed footings and replaced the crumbling stones at our Hearst Castle and Hogan Manor entrances in 2021.
  • Upgraded Hearst Castle entrance beds by preparing beds professionally in spring and installing high quality annuals.
  • Installed new drip system for urns at the bridge and had urns professionally planted.
  • Decorated neighborhood seasonally during summer, fall and holidays. Recognized HOA Members with outstanding landscaping/decor through Season’s Best awards.
  • Sponsored activities to connect residents to each other and the City of Plano
    • March - Plano Property Standard/Real Estate Update presentation
    • April - Recycling presentation
    • June - Neighborhood wide social & Vegetable Garden Tour
    • Oct - National Night Out with Whiffletree
  • Promoted Safety Through Police Department Programs
    • Apr - National Drug Take Back
    • Jul - Property Protection presentation
    • Aug - Personal Safety for College Bound Student and Personal Safety presentations
    • Sep - Civilian Response to Active Shooter presentation
  • Promoted building relationships
    • Hospitality Director welcomed 21 new residents to EFC in 2022
    • Helped residents turn off water during 2021 freeze
    • Collected Socks for Soles Donations for persons experiencing homelessness
    • Gifted High School Seniors during the pandemic with cookies.

I hope by seeing how the Board spends your HOA dues, you will agree a strong HOA strong benefits every homeowners' property value. Without the HOA, lights at our entrances would not be repaired, common areas would not be irrigated (the City of Plano removes irrigation if they are responsible) and annuals would not be planted.

What can you do?

First, please pay your dues in a timely manner. According to our ByLaws, dues are requested to be paid by May 31st. This is so the Board has can budget for plantings and have cash available for irrigation and landscape maintenance during the summer months.

Did you notice that we didn’t plant fall annuals in our beautiful pots on the bridge and at the Hearst Castle entrance until late last year? This is because we didn’t have the funds to do that until a number of residents paid their dues in the last quarter. Paying your dues by May 31st allows the Board a chance to optimize budget decisions for the year. Remember, all dues go directly to the support of our neighborhood. HOA Board Members are all EFC homeowners and volunteers and never receive compensation for their time.

Second, we need volunteers to help the Board. I know everyone is busy, but we have only 10 of our over 500 residents volunteering their time. For example, we are in URGENT NEED of a Secretary for the Board to maintain minutes and help disperse information to you, our residents.

We need also help with the online newsletter because our Newsletter Editor is stepping down next year. Our new Social Committee Chairperson, Brian DeLuca, is seeking committee members to help plan our social(s), and there is currently no one working on our Government Affairs committee to liaison with the City of Plano or help apply for city grants to help fund beautification projects.

You can see these and other volunteer opportunities when you log into your Homeowner account on our website ( to update your contact information and pay your 2023 dues.

A look at 2023

Speaking of dues, the board voted to hold 2023 Dues at $150. There is risk built into our budget at this price due to inflation, but we are counting on homeowners who didn't join last year to join in 2023. We need you so we aren't forced to cut back on important services like mowing, irrigation, plantings and repairs.

Please let us know how we can better SERVE our neighborhood in 2023 by joining us as we work to keep Estates of Forest Creek a top Plano Neighborhood. EVERY Estates of Forest Creek's homeowner's support is vital!

It is a privilege to serve our awesome homeowners.

Kathie Kankel, President Estates of Forest Creek HOA

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Who You Gonna Call?

"If there's somethin' strange in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call?"

Neighborhood Services receives a large variety of calls daily. Many of the calls received are transferred to a different department due to being outside of the scope of our programs and services.

Here is the contact information for some of our most commonly requested concerns:

1.   For residential properties, who do I call?

  • Potholes: Public Works (972-769-4140)
  • Stray or loose dogs: Animal Services (972-769-4360)
  • Street parking: Police Department non-emergency number (972-424-5678)
  • Recycle or waste carts: Environmental Waste services (972-769-4150) 

 2.   For commercial properties, who do I call?

  • Signage: Building Inspections (972-941-7140)
  • Public lighting: Oncor (888-313-4747)
  • Gas leak: Atmos Energy (866-322-8667)

Of course in an emergency or life-threatening situation, please call 9-1-1 right away.

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