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Originally delivered on 3/1/2023 6:03 pm

SUBJECT: Time to Pay Dues, Fentanyl PD Podcast, EFC Platinum Again

March 1, 2023

Its Time to Pay Your HOA Dues

Hello Neighbors!

As you may have noticed from the signs in our neighborhood, our 2023 HOA Membership Drive is underway. If you're wondering where your dues go, a significant portion of our budget goes to our Beautification Program which covers maintenance and landscaping at our two Coit entrances and along the Hearst Castle median. This not only makes our neighborhood more aesthetically pleasing but also maintains the value of YOUR property.

With spring and summer around the corner, our Beautification expenses are about to ramp up. According to our ByLaws, dues are requested to be paid by May 31st. This is so the Board has can budget for plantings and have cash available for irrigation and landscape maintenance during the summer months.

THANK YOU to the 113 Homeowners out of our 436 Homeowners who have already paid their 2023 dues! We appreciate your prompt payment and investment in our neighborhood! Thank you also to the 42 families who've contributed a total of $2,365 to our Beautification Fund, above and beyond their annual HOA dues. These funds are earmarked specifically for Beautification projects in our neighborhood.

We also know how important it is to feel safe in your home. That's why our HOA has an active Crime Watch Program. Our new Crime Watch Coordinator is organizing several events this year with the Plano Police Department. These are outlined below in the Crime Watch News section.

At $150 our HOA dues are one of the lowest in the area. Please join with the HOA this year and together let's make Estates of Forest Creek an even more beautiful, safe and fun neighborhood to live and thrive in 2023!  

It's easy to pay online on our EFCHOA website using the button below or you can leave a check in the drop box on my porch at 7313 White Castle Lane. Any questions regarding membership or suggestions for the HOA, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Lisa Kittrell, Membership Director Estates of Forest Creek HOA

Click Here to Log In & Pay Dues Online
Estates of Forest Creek Selected Platinum BEST Neighborhood Again

I am excited to announce Estates of Forest Creek was one of three neighborhoods to receive the Platinum BEST Neighborhoods designation at the January 23 City Council Meeting. This award renews our Platinum Neighborhood status originally received in 2017. The BEST Designation program recognizes neighborhoods that go above and beyond to create communities that are Beautiful, Engaged, Safe, and Thriving. Platinum is the highest of three designations that can be received from Plano's Neighborhood Services who stated Estates of Forest Creek's HOA's "exemplary efforts are an example to all Plano neighborhoods."

Please join me in thanking HOA Board members who volunteered their time over the past three years. Without the work they did, we would not have received this prestigious distinction. This is another example of why it is important to have a fully staffed and strong HOA Board and to have ALL homeowners pay their dues. We are still in need of a BOARD SECRETARY for this year. Please consider supporting our neighborhood by volunteering your time to the HOA!

Also recognized were Denham Village and Country Place. You might note, our $150 dues is the lowest of this year's Platinum neighborhoods. Denham Village (voluntary HOA) is $180-$185. Country Place (mandatory HOA) is $600-$750.

Upcoming Events

April 17
6 pm to 8 pm

Property safety / Burglary of Vehicle Prevention
Hardy Room at 801 Police Substation (next to Davis Library)

Spring 2023
Smart 911 App

Fall 2023
Personal Safety

October 2023
National Night Out

Coco Peisner, Crime Watch Coordinator

What You Should Know about Fentanyl

In this Plano Police True Crimes Podcast episode, Officer Chris Bianez discusses the Fentanyl drug crisis with John-Mark Meulman, program administrator for the Collin County Substance Abuse Program. John-Mark shares advice for parents and teens about the importance of having conversations and provides resources available for help.

Watch the video
Plano Gardening Webinars

Shade Gardening

Wednesday, March 1 
Noon-1 pm 

Smart Yards for North Texas

Wednesday, March 8
Noon-1 pm 

Garden season is just around the corner. Take a free class on gardening and make the most of your spring garden. Just click on course to register!

Could Your Yard be a Certified Wildlife Habitat?

Are you fond of flora and fauna? Does your landscape or container garden provide a place for pollinators and other nature friends? The City of Plano is working toward National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Community Wildlife Habitat Certification. You can help by creating a wildlife habitat in your yard or apartment balcony. 

What do all certified wildlife habitats have in common? Large or small, your wildlife habitat needs these five elements to qualify for certification: 

  • Food – Plants or supplemental feeders to help nourish wildlife.  
  • Water – One or more sources of water for wildlife to bathe and drink. 
  • Cover – A place for wildlife to take shelter from weather and predators.  
  • Place to Raise Young – Two or more locations for wildlife to raise their families.  
  • Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping Practices – Organic practices, controlling exotic species or soil and water conservation.  

Not sure if your yard has what it takes to become a wildlife habitat?Use the checklist online to make sure you have the right ingredients in your yard. Represent Plano and certify your wildlife habitat today!

Learn more at
Adoptions Resume at Plano Animal Shelter

Our pups are on the mend, and we have begun adoptions again at the Plano Animal Shelter. Dogs currently available for adoption were kept isolated away from any sick dogs. 

A special thanks goes to the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine for testing our dogs and providing guidance at no charge to the City. As dogs recover and test negative twice, they are no longer considered to be contagious in any way. They will become available for adoption.  

As of Thursday, Feb. 16, only 10 dogs had symptoms. These dogs will not be available until they have two negative tests after symptoms stop.  

All dogs adopted from the Plano Animal Shelter now come with a free week of training from GoodPup. This new service allows new owners to do one-on-one sessions in their home with a certified trainer. Learn to correct problem behaviors and to communicate better with your dogs. Get more information about the GoodPup training. 

Visit the Plano Animal Shelter at 4028 W. Plano Pkwy. 

Does Your Home Need a Ramp?

Do you need help adapting your living space to safely remain in the home? The City of Plano may be able to help through its Mobility Assistance Program. This program assists Plano homeowners (with a documented disability) make their property easier to navigate. 

Residents must be 62-years and older to apply for up to $5,000 in assistance for items that include: 

  • ADA-compliant toilets 
  • Bathroom grab bars 
  • Wall-mounted foldable shower or tub seats 
  • Concrete front entry ramp 

Call Neighborhood Services at 972-208-8150 for details. 

Find a Great Summer Job

Saturday, March 4 
9 am-Noon 

Carpenter Park Recreation Center
6701 Coit Rd. 

Are you 14 or older and looking for a fun summer job? Join us for the Parks & Recreation Hiring Event. Several different positions are open. Bring a swimsuit and towel to apply for aquatic positions. We offer a flexible schedule, competitive pay, paid training and certifications, and free work attire. No experience needed.

Get more details and see job descriptions

Watch Out for Fees, When You Google “Pay Your Plano Water Bill”

Before you, Google search “pay my Plano water bill,” be aware the links that pop to the top may not be the City of Plano's official payment portal. Recently residents have paid large fees ($4-$8) when paying through these misleading, non-City sites.  

The City of Plano's Customer & Utility Services site never charges a convenience fee to pay your water bill online. Always look twice before you pay through any online site. The web address for the City's payment portal is ttps:// Bookmark our webpage in your browser for easy access. 

Prepare for the Annual Change to Water Disinfectant

The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) is temporarily changing the disinfectant used across the water system for 28 days. From Monday, March 6 through Monday, April 3, chlorine levels remain the same, but no ammonia is added.  This maintenance procedure is essential to keeping our water safe as it travels to your tap across the NTMWD 2,200-square-mile service area.

If you notice a slight change in your water's smell or taste, try these tips:  

  • Fill a pitcher with water and place it in your fridge overnight. This allows the disinfectant to dissipate.  
  • Add a slice of cucumber, lemon, lime or orange to water for a few hours to improve the taste.  
  • Install a filter on your kitchen faucet.
  • Add a crushed 1,000 mg vitamin C tablet to bath water if your skin is sensitive. 

Testing is continually conducted throughout the system to ensure water quality. Results are posted on the City and NTMWD websites.


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