The EFCHOA award for best holiday decor and landscape was given to Barb and Joe Butto at 7520 White Castle. Our thanks for their efforts to provide a lovely landscape and holiday decorations for all to enjoy.
This is a newly renovated landscape so it is still growing into maturity but one feature has already come into its own--a pair of Japanese maples which are a perfect choice to brighten up the shade under lovely, mature red oaks. In early December these maples were a vivid and stunning red--all the more beautiful when backlit in the setting sun. Just about the time the landscape "went to bed" for the winter, the fun and festive holiday decorations came out with something for everyone, young and not so young, to enjoy. 
The next award will be Spring'19 and the weather will probably dictate the exact timing (are we having a late spring?) so stay tuned. You must be an HOA member to be eligible and nominations are welcomed. Thank you for supporting your HOA!