Season's Best Award - Holiday/Winter
The EFCHOA's Season's Best Committee has awarded Seasons Best for Holiday/Winter to Jason, Beth and Colton Albers at 7400 Breakers Lane.  Board committee members had a fun time going through our beautiful community with hot chocolate on a rainy Saturday night not long ago to be inspired by seasonal lights and decor.  While it was a difficult choice, the Albers home was awarded because of their colorful multi-colored light display and holiday decor coupled with the depiction of holiday whimsey!  It’s just so inviting during this holiday season.  The landscape and decorations are beautiful in their creativity and welcoming appeal.  Thanks to the Albers for such a wonderful Holiday display and for their support of our neighborhood as HOA members.
Past Winners
Fall - The Blickensderfers at 3716 Gwinn Court
The Seasons Best award for Fall has been given to the Blickensderfer family at 3716 Gwinn Court. This festive fall landscape with mums, hay bales, pumpkins and seating says welcome fall and neighbors! Thank you to the Blickensderfer family for giving our neighborhood the gift of their beautiful landscape. This simple and elegant landscape includes a large lawn, mature trees and green foundation plantings accented with burgundy fringe flower shrubs. The simplicity allows the front entrance to attract the attention.
Summer - The Tuccis at 7500 Tara
The EFCHOA board has awarded Seasons Best to Robert and Lara Tucci at 7500 Tara. This landscape looks vibrant and colorful despite our extreme heat and drought. Two plants in particular provide the color. Crape myrtles--in this case a beautiful deep cherry color. (Note: As we look at EFC this summer, where would we be if not for crape myrtles?) The second plant is the lime green Sweet Potato Vine--it provides a stunning adornment of the front door. The key is to get it up off the ground and into pots so it can cascade and expand.
This landscape is beautiful in its simplicity--a nice green background with a few "stand-out" areas of color. Thanks to the Tuccis for a lovely landscape and for their support of our neighborhood as HOA members.
Spring - The McKinneys at 7601 Twelve Oaks
The Seasons Best award for Spring has been given to the McKinneys at 7601 Twelve Oaks. In the two years they've been here, they have created a beautiful landscape with an amazing variety of plants. They have a number of fruit trees which are not only beautiful but do in fact produce delicious fruit. Underneath the traditional trees and shrubs are exotic and colorful flowering plants--everywhere you look! The pictures cannot do it justice so please take a walk and enjoy it up close. Thank you to the McKinneys for giving our neighborhood the gift of a colorful, whimsical, beautiful landscape.
Holiday/Winter - The Armijo Family at 7505 Shadow Lawn
The EFCHOA Winter Seasons Best award was given to the Armijo Family at 7505 Shadow Lawn. This landscape has 3 mature Live Oaks, 2 stunning Japanese maples and front flower beds full of plantings that look tropical but somehow came through our February freeze as lush and beautiful as ever. Our thanks for a lovely landscape and festive holiday lights for the neighborhood to enjoy!
Fall - The Boelsterlis at 3404 Wheatland Lane 

The Fall Season's Best award has been given to Brian and Julie Boelsterli at 3404 Wheatland Lane. The mature live oaks beautifully frame this house as well as provide shade for a couple of lovely Japanese maples. The circle drive, which could be simply utilitarian, is also a design feature--visitors on the front walk are greeted by an inscribed Texas star. Enjoy the pictures of a landscape that provides lots of interesting ideas for a mature yard where shade presents a challenge. Our thanks to the Boelsterlis.




Summer - The Edlings at 7521 White Castle


The Seasons Best award for summer '21 was given to the Edlings at 7521 White Castle. This yard shows a great response to the deep shade of a mature tree--in this case a lovely Red Oak. Remove struggling turf, accept the shade and enjoy the plants that will thrive in it--hydrangeas, hostas, ferns, etc. A large swath of annual flowers and the pink hydrangeas provide good color despite the shade. Our thanks to the Edlings for this beautiful landscape we can all enjoy.





SPRING - Mark and Linda Weintrub at 3709 Tidewater

Make a special effort to venture down this street. Their flower beds are creative, colorful and show a great love of gardening with an artist's touch. Thank you to the Weintrubs for their landscape "gift" to the Estates of Forest Creek. 



SPRING - The Mohantys at 7505 Breakers Lane
SUMMER - The Harringtons at 7413 Breakers Lane
FALL - The Furrows at 3445 Hearst Castle Way
HOLIDAY/WINTER - The Sobieskis at 3517 Mount Pleasant Lane
SPRING - The Spurlocks at 7404 White Castle
SUMMER - The Palmers at 3409 Mount Vernon
FALL - The Pillans at 3908 Guston Hall Court
SPRING    The Memorys at 3928 Woodlawn
SUMMER  Not awarded
FALL          The Bryants at 7605 Marchman
HOLIDAY   The Buttos at 7520 White Castle
SPRING    The Lanciaults at 3436 Old Manse
SUMMER  The Cooks at 3504 Hearst Castle
FALL          Not awarded
HOLIDAY   The Kittrells at 7313 White Castle
SPRING    The Peacocks 3408 Mount Vernon
SUMMER  The Ryans at 7621 Madewood
FALL          The Richards/Maitres at 3908 Boulton
HOLIDAY   The Hutzlers 3700 Gwinn

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