The Season’s Best award for Summer 2019 was given to the Palmers at 3409 Mount Vernon


The annuals are beautiful despite the extreme heat and lack of rain. The yard has an evergreen foundation of shrubs and tree-form Yaupon hollies. In order to make room for color, the homeowner extended the beds another 2’ recently and put in a lovely border of alyssum (waning due to heat but he says it will have another flush of blooming in the fall) and vincas (he says the secret to vincas is coffee grounds). There are also caladiums and cannas beyond the border among the shrubs for added color and interest.  Thanks for your efforts to beautify our neighborhood!





There will be two more awards this year—Fall and Winter/Holiday Décor. All EFCHOA members are eligible.  Nominations are welcome and may submitted to

SPRING - The Spurlocks at 7404 White Castle
This landscape has been completely renovated with a very nice stone-accented border for the enlarged beds. The shrubs will continue to expand as they mature and in the meantime there is plenty of room and lots of full sun for annual color-- vincas, zinnias, etc. Two Crepe Myrtles provide a nice frame for the house and a beautiful Red Oak was added as part of the renovation as well. Thanks to the Spurlocks and all the residents who make an effort to beautify our neighborhood.
SPRING    The Memorys at 3928 Woodlawn
SUMMER  Not awarded
FALL          The Bryants at 7605 Marchman
HOLIDAY   The Buttos at 7520 White Castle
SPRING    The Lanciaults at 3436 Old Manse
SUMMER  The Cooks at 3504 Hearst Castle
FALL          Not awarded
HOLIDAY   The Kittrells at 7313 White Castle
SPRING    The Peacocks 3408 Mount Vernon
SUMMER  The Ryans at 7621 Madewood
FALL          The Richards/Maitres at 3908 Boulton
HOLIDAY   The Hutzlers 3700 Gwinn

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