October 3 from 6 - 7:30 pm
- National Night Out with Plano Police and Fire 

Crime Watch Presentation - Smart911 app


Smart911 Profiles Help in An Emergency

On May 17th, our HOA sponsored a presentation by Susan Susan Rodriquez, Public Safety Communications Public Information Specialist. Susan is responsible for developing and providing 911 education for the people who live and work in Plano.


Plano is a Smart911 community. Smart911 allows users to provide additional details 9-1-1 call takers may need in order assist them during an emergency. Currently, when you call 9-1-1, the information received by the 9-1-1 call center can be limited by the type of phone you use to dial 9-1-1. With Smart911, any time you make an emergency call from a phone registered on your Safety Profile, the 9-1-1 systems recognize your phone number and automatically displays your profile to the call taker. The Smart911 app is able to give better location to 9-1-1 for a cell phone and location is the most important information for 9-1-1 to know when you call.


In an emergency, it's possible you may be panicked or unable to communicate, or it may be unsafe to communicate. Smart911 ensures that the details you would need to tell 9-1-1 are immediately available in the event you cannot verbally provide them. 

You create 1 profile per household that can include all the phone numbers & persons associated with your household. Use the printable Smart911 Profile worksheet below to gather information that will be useful in creating your Smart911 account. Smart911 is free, private and secure.


Crimewatch - Property Safety Presentation


On April 17th, our HOA sponsored a presentation by Plano PD Officer Sheldon Krc for EFC Homeowners on property safety in the Hardy Room at 801 Police Substation, which is located next to Davis Library. Officer Krc is a member of the Crime Prevention Unit. Officer Krc ‘s presentation was thorough and informative. He discussed things homeowners can do that make their home more difficult, more time consuming and more noisy for potential burglars to enter. These things make homes less attractive to a potential burglar.




National Night Out

When:  Tuesday, October 4, 6 pm


Estates of Forest Creek and Whiffletree neighbors gathered for this year's National Night Out at Prairie Meadow Park Pavillion by Mathews Elementary School. Mayor John Muns and Police Chief Drain stopped by and gave some brief remarks.  Attendees enjoyed Handel's Ice Cream.




Vegetable Garden Tour

Saturday, June 18 from 9 am - 12 noon

3700 Hearst Castle Way at corner of Brodick


John Caldwell hosted his 7th annual Garden Tour, sharing his simple ideas for having a lot of produce. John has been gardening in Plano for over 30 years. His best harvest was 939 pounds of Roma tomatoes, red bell peppers, melons, cucumbers and eggplant.  Learn John's simple ideas for having a lot of produce.  He also shared information about fig trees, rain barrels, solar power, composting and a solar powered clothes dryer.



Summer Social for all EFC Residents

Sunday, June 12 from 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Breakers Lane Cul-de-Sac


Over 125 Estates of Forest Creek neighbors braved the searing heat at this year's summer social. Guests enjoyed dinner provided by Wild West Tex Mex Food Truck and an abundant selection of delicious sweets brought by neighbors. Plano Fire and Rescue brought their truck and talked to guests about summer and pool safety, including how to use their free "I AM THE WATER WATCHER" tags shown below.  These were provided for attendees for free.  If you need one, contact





While the heat limited the games and line dancing, the water balloons were a big hit with the younger crowd.  Thank you to the Harabis family for finding the DJ, the McKinney family for the water misting fans.  Also, thank you to the 14 residents who helped deliver flyers to all our 436 residents: the Abernathy family, Becky Bird, the Bankhead family, Cindy Mauch, Denise Dengler, the Gary family, Jennifer Johnson, Kathie Kankel, Kathy Czekaj, Lynda Richardson, Nancy Hahn, the Porter family, Skyler McKinley, and the Zhan family.




Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 6 pm on Zoom

Why is Recycling Important to You?

  • Presenter:  Frances Adams, City of Plano Recycling Education Coordinator 

Confused about what you can and can't recycle?  Frances Adams explains Plano's recycling program, what you can recycle here and why recycling items changed after the old recycling facility's fire, and the impact of recycling in our city.



Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 6:00 PM on Zoom

Common Property Violations and State of Real Estate Market
  •  Presenter:  Dan Christensen, City of Plano Property Standards Inspector

Each year the HOA gets concerns and questions about potential property violations and what to do about them. Dan Christensen discussed common property violations and the code compliance process. Property Standards inspects residential, commercial and industrial districts for compliance with City code and zoning ordinances.

  •  Presenter:  Brian DeLuca, VP Estates of Forest Creek HOA

Current state of the Real Estate Market.  What's impacting Real Estate in my neighborhood and in North Texas.


HOA Budget Approval Meeting - Tuesday, January 11 at 7pm on Zoom

The 2022 HOA Proposed Budget was presented, discussed and voted on.  All 2021 HOA Members in attendance were eligible to vote, with one vote per household.  We had 2 non Board Member residents who attended this meeting.


Annual HOA Meeting and 2022 Board Election - Tuesday, November 9th

7:00 PM on Zoom



Any Resident that is a Current Member may be nominated and elected to the Board, however, only a Resident-Homeowner that is a Current Member may be nominated and elected to an Officer position.  Current Members may vote in the election, with one (1) vote per property address.  We had 4 non Board Member residents who attended this meeting.



Plano's BEST Neighborhoods Division challenged neighborhoods to Fall Into Fitness - racking up minutes November 1 - November 30 by walking, jogging, dancing or any other movement. The awards were based on average time per person registered.  Eighteen neighborhoods, with 155 people registered to participate this year, up from 6 neighborhoods last year.  A total of 88,002 minutes (61 days worth) of physical activity was recorded during the month of November.  Average participant activity was 38 minutes per day.


Estates of Forest Creek won 3 awards.

  • Plano's Fittest Neighborhood - Third place
  • Individual Women First Place - Marion Geode-Hackenberg
  • Individual Women Third Place - Kathie Kankel








Saturday, October 16th, 9 - 11 AM


The HOA sponsored an on-site shredding truck for HOA Members as a THANK YOU for supporting our HOA!  Members brought papers needing shredding to a Shred-it Stericycle truck in the parking lot at Mathews Elementary, where the documents were destroyed immediately.  This year, Whiffletree HOA participated with us in this event as well.  Thank you to the Board volunteers who made this event possible.





Pavillion at Prairie Meadow Park


Estates of Forest Creek HOA joined with Whiffletree HOA and the Plano Police Department for this year's National Night Out, which was held on October 5TH from  6 - 8 pm at the Prairie Meadow Park Pavillion by Mathews Elementary School.  About 150 residents stopped by to chat with neighbors, meet members of the Plano Police Department, enjoy a beautiful fall evening and eat Handel's Ice Cream. We were honored to have Plano's Mayor John Muns and Police Chief Ed Drain stop by to mingle,  share remarks and answer resident questions.


National Night Out is an annual event established to enhance the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement. 


Spread Hope Peanut Butter Drive



Estates of Forest Creek residents participated in the Spread the Hope Peanut Butter Drive supporting the North Texas Food Bank during September's Hunger Action Month.

Speaker - Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

Held:  TUESDAY, MAY 4TH on Zoom


What do you know about surviving a sudden cardiac arrest?  Estates of Forest Creek resident Julie Coon shared how she survived one and her mission to make it easy to find an AED right from your phone. The HOA May Board Meeting followed Julie Coon's talk and was open to all attendees.




As the new season began, Plano's BEST Neighborhoods Division challenged neighborhoods to Fall Into Fitness - racking up minutes November 1 - November 30 by walking, jogging, dancing or any other movement. Congratulations to Whiffletree V, VI, VII - the overall neighborhood winner.  While Whiffletree won the 2020 Fittest Neighborhood Award, the Estates of Forest Creek was a close second!  The award was based on average time per person registered.  Six neighborhoods participated and logged a total of 95,816 minutes (66 days worth) of physical activity during the month of November.

Congratulations to our EFC residents who were individual winners!!
Marion Goedde-Hackenberg - 1st Place Women
John Caldwell - 3rd Place Men

Annual HOA Meeting and Election of 2021 HOA Board

The Estates of Forest Creek Annual HOA Meeting was held on November 10th via Zoom. During the meeting the following 2021 Board was elected.


President Kathie Kankel                            

Vice President Brian DeLuca

Secretary Kathy Bankhead

Treasurer Osha Porter

Director of Beautification Kristen Kerwin

Director of Hospitality Laketha Floyd

Director of Membership Jessie Zhan


In addition to the elected positions, the following positions were appointed by the Board. Contact Kathie Kankel at if you are interested in joining a committee or serving as Social Chair.


Crime Watch Coordinator Thomas Moden

Government Affairs Sunil Thadani

Beautification Infrastructure John Caldwell

Social Committee Chair open

Thank you to outgoing Board Members, Scarlette Cassedy (President), Jeanne Gary (Hospitality), and Skyler McKinley (Social), David Kankel (Crime Watch) for all they've done during their years on the HOA Board to keep our neighborhood strong. 


  2020 HOA Members
On Site Truck Shredding Just for You

Saturday, October 17th


The Estates of Forest Creek HOA arranged to have a Shred-it® truck on site to help destroy personal documents as a way to say THANK YOU to our residents who have supported the HOA this year by paying their dues.  The use of this truck was free to paid members of the HOA! Our HOA partnered with Whiffletree HOA to host this event.  Due to Covid-19 protocols for PISD and the City of Plano, an RSVP was required to attend. About 80 residents took advantage of this opportunity to securely dispose of papers they no longer need.

 North Texas Food Bank Peanut Butter Drive


The Estates of Forest Creek was one of four neighborhoods in Plano to help raise money during the Collin County's Peanut Butter Drive benefitting the North Texas Food Bank.  We finished in third place with donations of $265. Our neighbors, Whiffletree HOA, finished first raising $3,140!  Congratulations to Whiffletree on once again being named the Nuttiest Neighborhood!


Zoom Webinar on Trails and Property Safety - September 15


Officer Chris Bianez with the Plano Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit gave an informative  presentation on Trails and Property Safety.  Speaking to over 35 attendees via Zoom, Officer Bianez discussed how to increase personal safety while on Plano trails and also how to make your residence more burglar-resistant.  Our Crime Watch Coordinator, David Kankel, assisted Officer Bianez in fielding questions from attendees. 



The Great Tomato & Pepper Plant Giveaway - March 28th


25+ households came to the plant give-away Saturday morning.  The rain and Covid19 didn't deter them.  Using social distancing and one family at a time, families stocked up on tomato and pepper plants.  Over 200 plants were given away by John Caldwell along with his wishes for good luck gardening!


John also has a large compost pile and 2 HOA members already bring him their apple cores, banana peels, etc. (no animal products).  If you can collect your vegetable waste in a bucket, put them in his driveway and he will return your empty bucket.  His email is




February Board Meeting - GUEST SPEAKER


Dick Broussard - Manager of Wells Brothers Pet, Lawn and Garden Supply in Plano

brought to you by New Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) Environmental Program


Fall Festival - October 20th


Over 120 Estates of Forest Creek residents gathered to enjoy dinner from Munchies Food Truck, a DJ, Face Painting, Pumpkin Decorating, Cake Walk and a visit from Plano Police Officer, Mark Dawson.  Donations for Plano Police Department's Christmas Cops were taken.

Fall Festival 2019 ">
Fall Festival 2019




Thank You Whiffletree
National Night Out -
 October 1st


Whiffletree HOA invited Estates of Forest Creek HOA members to join them for their National Night Out gathering at Prairie Meadow Park by Mathews Elementary School.  About 50 Estates of Forest Creek HOA members were treated to ice cream sundaes from Henry's ice cream.  Plano Police Officers, Plano Fire Fighters/EMTs were there to meet residents and show children and adults a patrol car and fire engine.





Vegetable Garden Tour - June 22nd

John Caldwell gave a tour of his gardens, fig trees, compost bin, rain barrels, solar powered clothes dryer, and solar panels.  John has been gardening at his home, at 3700 Hearst Castle Way, for 25 years.  His best harvest was 2016, with 920 pounds of Roma tomatoes, red bell peppers, eggplant, melons, grapes, and figs. He saves the seeds from his best plants each year and starts them indoors in December.





International Spring Festival - May 19th

Over 100 Estates of Forest Creek residents gathered on Sagamore Hill Court for the HOA's annual spring event.  There was plenty to eat!! Munchies Food Truck was there plus residents of EFC brought snacks and desserts to share representing their culture.  There was a bounce house for children and face painting for everyone.  Music from our awesome DJ added to the spirit of the gathering!!













Member Thank You Event - April 27th

This year's HOA Member THANK YOU event provided an opportunity for EFC residents who had paid their 2019 HOA dues to get documents shredded in the Mathews Elementary parking lot. HOA members were invited to bring as many documents as they wanted and it was shredded on site by a Shred-It employee.  Members had a chance to visit with HOA Board Members and other HOA members over coffee and refreshments.